1984, 6 minutes; 35mm; Color, Direct Animation

Woven images set the stage for a woman’s vision of discovery. Drawn and painted directly on 35mm film, Nexus explores connections between art and nature through symbols and patterns associated with ancient matricentric cultures. Zimbabwe marimba music performed by Sukutai provides upbeat accompaniment to this evocative piece as images metamorphose from abstract pattern to natural realism with joyous artistic ease.

Rose Bond, Nexus, 1984

“In this delightful film, patterns of women’s culture evolve and unify in a manner which evokes timelessness and shatters the logocentric order. . .Students in my Women’s Studies and American Studies courses were especially taken with Bond’s animation style, a style which refuses to objectify nature, culture, and women.” —Leslie Rado, Ph.D., Yale University

Nexus. . .was rich with ideas, it had flow and energy and aliveness. . .you just wanted to stay with it from beginning to middle to end.” —Bill Jersey, Juror, Oregon Arts Commission

“. . .a beautiful musical and visual film experience that also brings to life the ancient symbols of matriarchal culture.” —Big Muddy Film Festival

Nexus. . .is six minutes worth of uninhibited shape changing and coupling. Its limber, wittily rhymed images, evocative of African textiles, establish and break patterns with a good will that never heard of ideology.” —J. Bachman, Multnomah Monthly