2003; Dance/Animation Performance; Water Street Project, Portland, Oregon

Mu·ta·tion, a dance/animation collaboration, is based on the scientific query of how genetic research may affect us not only physically but spiritually. The piece was choreographed by Dawn Joella Jackson for five dancers at the Water Street Project. Rose Bond created the animation.

Rose Bond, Mu·ta·tion

“A spiky mix of gesture, modern and social influences with a tough cookie veneer, the work owes its visual collaborator, animator Rose Bond, for its quirky humor.” —Willamette Week

“Bond’s rough sketched researchers, dividing cells, and striking hand-painted 35 mm film frames are projected on an 8 by 4 foot screen during the piece.” —Kelly Clarke, Willamette Week

Mu·ta·tion uses interactive animation technology to examine how genetic research affects the human community. Heady stuff, but Jackson’s movement—drawn on five gifted dancers—is packed with her trademark precision ballistics, and animator Rose Bond’s pulsating visuals give lush texture to Jackson’s friction-and-flow dynamics.” —Catherine Thomas, The Oregonian

Rose Bond, Mu·ta·tion


Regional Arts & Culture Council