Deirdre’s Choice

1995, 23 minutes; 35mm, 16mm and video; Color, Direct Animation on 35mm film

Inspired by the oral tradition of pre-Christian Ireland, Deirdre’s Choice presents an epic Irish tragedy. The film pits the headstrong heroine, Deirdre, against an emerging patriarchal force and sets her life, her love, and her story, within the conflicting mores of a society struggling with change. This 23 minute animated film is unique in that it is driven by highly dramatic voice tracks with versions in both the English and the Irish language. An original music score was composed and performed by Micheal O Domhnaill.

Rose Bond, Deirdre's Choice, 1995

“. . An imaginative innovation. . .” —Adrian Moynes, Radio Telefis Eireann (Ireland)

“Gripping original score by Micheal O Domhnaill. . .an emotional and visually stimulating work.” —The Oregonian

“Marvelous. . .the combination of Irish accents and music really make it very convincing.” —Mary Condren, University College Dublin

“It will find an enthusiastic audience here in Ireland. . .both versions (in English and Irish Gaelic) work extremely effectively.” —Cathal Goan, Telefis na Gaeilge

Rose Bond, Deirdre's Choice, 1995