Boundary Crossings: An Institute in Animated Arts 2013

Boundary Crossinsgs 2013

The biennial Boundary Crossings: An Institute in Animated Arts 2013 takes at the Pacific Northwest College of Art July 29 – August 9. Institute Director Rose Bond will co-teach with Kota Ezawa. Visiting faculty include: Marina Zurkow, Miriam Harris and Old Boys Club (aka Katya Bonnenfant).

With a theme of Cyber Folklore, participants of the two-week immersive will rethink folklore as a framework for animation that reflects not only national and ethnic traditions but also the new acquired and mixed cultural backgrounds of a generation that came of age around computers. Artistic movements such as Balinese puppet theatre, Eastern- European animation, or Japanese Micropop are investigated as examples of the wide range of possible interpretations of folklore. The main purpose of the Institute is to provide a platform for artists to develop animations that embrace diverse traditions as well as new forms.

Boundary Crossings welcomes studio artists, moving image practitioners, and academic scholars as well as upper-division undergraduate and graduate-level students. More information and registration is available on the PNCA website.