Beyond the Gate
2016; Commissioned animated installations for exhibit, Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon

Illumination #1
2014; 8-channel animated installation, Mariner’s Building/Society Hotel, Portland, Oregon

Intra Muros (Zagreb)
2013, 8 minutes; Installation; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

Intra Muros (Toronto)
2011, 8 minute loop; installation; Nuit Blanche Toronto, Canada

2010, 9 minute loop; Installation; Exeter Castle, Exeter, UK

Mu·ta·tion (Electrogals)
2010; Animation with Live Score

Intra Muros (Utrecht)
2008, 8 minute loop; Installation; Utrechts Stadhuis, Utrecht, Holland

2008, 8:50 minutes; 35mm; Color; Stereo, Dolby SR, DVD, BetaSP

Intra Muros (Portland)
2007, 8 minute loop; Installation; Maytag Building, Portland, Oregon

Ward of Court: County of Origin
2006; Dance/Animation Performance; Portland, Oregon

Studio Super Flat
2006, 2:30 minutes; Color, Composite Animation

Gates of Light
2004 and 2007, 12 minute loop with sound; Color, Composite Animation; Museum at Eldridge Street, New York City, NY

2003; Dance/Animation Performance; Water Street Project, Portland, Oregon

Illumination #1
2002 and 2003, 12 minute loop with sound; Digital Animation; Seamen’s Bethel Building, Portland, Oregon

Memoria Mortalis
2000, 10 minutes; 35mm, 16mm and video; Color, Computer animation

Celtic Trilogy
1997, 10 minutes; Color, Direct Animation

Rain Tiles
1996, 30 seconds; Amiga 2-D composite animation

Salish World
from “Sacred Encounters”; 1995, 7 minutes; Four screen video installation

Deirdre’s Choice
1995, 23 minutes; 35mm, 16mm and video; Color, Direct Animation on 35mm film

Remote Control
1992, 2 minutes; 16mm; Color, Drawn Animation

Mallacht Macha (Macha’s Curse)
1990, 10 minutes; 35mm, 16mm and video; Color, Direct Animation on 35mm film

Cerridwen’s Gift
1987, 9 minutes; 16mm; Color, Direct Animation

1984, 6 minutes; 35mm; Color, Direct Animation

Gaia’s Dream
1982, 3 minutes; 16mm; Color, Direct Animation

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